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Sclerology is the science of identifying and interpreting markings and colourings in the white of the eye which reveal levels of health. The size, configuration, colour, intensity and location of the markings give important clues as to what is happening in the body. Areas of highest congestion and stress, including their origin, can be determined along with the amount of stress which is emotional or physical.

Sclerology reveals the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, congestion, and oedipal (parent/child) emotional involvement in the sclera. It highlights those areas in the body which should be given priority treatment.


left 18 year old female (left eye) / Large red line at the top indicates oedipal (parent-child ) liver/resentment line. Double lines indicate viruses. Encapsulations indicate parasites. Lines tracking the iris indicate immune system compromise. (This young woman is the daughter of the 44 year old woman shown below.)

left 44 year old female (left eye) / Red line at the top indicates oedipal (parent-child ) liver/resentment line. Double tracking lines indicate some viruses present. Encapsulations indicate parasites. Large red squiggly line points to arterial congestion (the thicker the line, the more serious the problem).

Sclerology is an important adjunct to the science and practice of lridology. It confirms the findings in the iris and is useful for establishing treatment priorities as the sclera signs are more immediate (relating to current conditions in the body) as opposed to lridology where identified areas of weakness may not manifest in disease symptoms for a number of years.

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