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BioPerine, known as Black Pepper Extract iencourages calorie burn and helps the human body to absorb useful ingredients. One of its ingredients, GP Shield, aids Lactoferrin to be transitted through the acidic stomach and further transported to the intestines for effect. Lactoferrin is an ingredient extracted from a milk and improving thermogenic activity in the body and healthy gut flora.
One tablet of Abrexin should be taken thirty minutes before going to bed with a glass of water. It can be purchased from the third party retailers. Abrexin includes no stimulants and contains only patented ingredients. The manufacturer of the product highly recommends to stick to a calorie controlled diet and to follow a specially created exercise plan. The official website of Abrexin contains a lot of useful information on the ingredients. As it was already mentioned Abrexin is available from third party retailers only. Very few testimonials are published on the official website.

Abrexin is a natural kind of fat burning pills, which can help you to lose weight during sleep. It is said to activate thermogenesis in the human body, which means that it raises temperature of the body making it able to burn fat. The main task of Abrexin is to encourage your body to raise temperature. In fact, thermogenesis takes place each time you eat in a natural way.
Due to the fact that Abrexin uses only natural ingredients it is rather safe to take. At the same time, you should think twice before taking this sort of pills before sleep as it can influence your ability to fall asleep. Ont of the ingredients of Abrexin, Lactoferrin, can also result in some side effects, including fatigue and skin rashes. The risk especially rises if the product is taken in a large amount. In high doses Lactoferrin can influence your bowel movements, as a result, you may start suffering either from constipation or diarrhoea. In addition, it should be stated that this product should not be taken by people who know they are lactose intolerant.